Empowering education on the go

About the project

EDMC provides in-class and distributed education for approximately 150,000 college students across four distinct institutions (The Art Institute, Brown Mackie, Argosy, and South). EDMC colleges and universities offer a wide range of degree programs across multiple disciplines including creative and applied arts, behavioral sciences, education, health sciences and business. The past 15 years have seen a dramatic rise in the availability of distributed learning and digital education platforms. As a result, EDMC relies on web, mobile, and social media more than ever before to 1) provide off-site education, 2) enhance on-campus education, and 3) recruit new students.

Our role

Brushfire and EDMC recognized that the rise of smartphone technology has provided EDMC with an even greater opportunity to engage in the lives of its students. Mobile devices follow EDMC students into EVERY area of their life - and we were committed to launching a set of mobile products that dramatically increased the efficiency and enjoyment of the student experience. Our product allowed students to participate in discussions, submit assignments, or get feedback from their professor all through their smart phone. The platform support 4 different visual brands for both iOS, Android, and mobile web.